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A range of services to minimize the threat of fire.

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A comprehensive range of professional courses to ensure you’re staff are trained to the highest possible standards.

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Fire Safety Service

Delivering superior customer service is our top priority, and when you choose Bulwark Solutions as your preferred service provider, we take that as serious as fire and life/safety itself!
“We support you in dealing with the bigger picture of fire safety and can help you piece it together!”

Who We Are?
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Our values are our promise to you!

Why Choose US?

To keep your business, employees and customers – We offer a cost effective safety services and solutions and a wide range of other fire protection equipment. The fire safety precautions that we provide are documented risk assessments, staff training including fire awareness and fire marshal training, plus online sales of fire equipment and business compliant safety software. Whatever your fire safety requirements are; e.g fire training, risk assessments or installed fire equipment maintenance you will find a solution that meets your budget to be compliant with current fire legislation.

Our Values:

  • Quality in Compliance
  • Reliability & Trust
  • Capability & Expertise
  • Partnership
  • Environmental & Ethical
  • Dynamic

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What services does Bulwark Solutions offer?

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet almost any fire protection needs you might have. We offer fire alarm installation and inspection, fire extinguisher inspection and services, emergency light testing and inspection, sprinkler servicing and repair, fire hydrant services, fire pump services, fire hose inspection and services and more. Get in touch to find out more and get a quote.

How often do extinguishers need to be inspected, tested or serviced?

Extinguishers, fire hoses and other fire safety equipment (alarms, exit signs, emergency lights) need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure they are in working condition. Typically a quick visual check is to be done at least monthly by an employee or the monitor in the area. Under law extinguishers and hoses must be checked and documented at least once a year by a qualified inspector. They also must have a sign-off tag (or other documentation) to verify that they have been inspected.

Extinguishers must be recharged anytime that they have been used, if the pin has been pulled , or the gauge is not in the green. Even if an extinguisher was only used a small amount it must be serviced as the used powder clogs the valve and prevents reuse.

Are there different kinds of extinguishers for different kinds of fires

There are five different classifications of fire extinguishers. You must properly match the class of extinguisher with the potential hazard:

Class A Fires

These fires are considered ordinary or common combustibles including wood, paper, cloth, rubber, household rubbish, and some plastics. (Label is normally Green in color)

Class B Fires

These fires involve flammable liquids including oils, grease, tar, lacquers, flammable gases, oil-based paints, and some plastics.  (Label is normally Red in color)

Class C Fires

These fires involve energized electrical equipment including computers, building wiring, circuit breakers, light fixtures, and appliances.  (Label is normally Blue in color)

Class D Fires

These fires involve combustible metals including magnesium, titanium, zirconium, sodium, lithium, and potassium.  (Label is normally Yellow in color)

Do I need both a fire alarm system and a sprinkler system?

In short, yes. Fire sprinkler systems are great for putting out fires after they start, but they only come on once the fire has reached a certain temperature, at which point it will have already done damage. Fire alarm systems, particularly smoke detectors, round out your fire protection because they detect smoke and other gases before the flames start, giving you extra time to escape the building. They can also automatically alert the fire department.

Can the fire extinguishers be re-filled?

Yes, all fire extinguishers provided by Bulwark Solutions can be easily re-filled. Although when considering the cost of labor and travel included in this process, sometimes its more cost effective to simply ‘Swap out’ the unit for a new unit – we dispose of all units with environment in mind and can provide a certificate of correct disposal if required

Is fire alarm monitoring worth it?

Fire alarm monitoring is basically a guarantee your building has eyes on it 24/7, keeping it protected from fires at all times. If the fire alarms go off in your building, the fire alarm monitoring company will notify the fire department within seconds – even if you’re not there, or if you’re in the process of safely evacuating. Everyone has heard horror stories of people showing up to work and seeing the charred wreckage of what was once their office (and all their equipment, data, etc.) – don’t let this happen to you!

Do you offer cheap fire extinguishers and fire alarms?

As our market is very price driven and we want to provide the most cost-effective solutions for our customers, we do our best to find savings where we can. However, we will never compromise on safety or leave our clients exposed with inadequate cover.

Do you offer fire safety training?

One of our unique selling points is that we offer consultations to all of our clients. By coming in to see you on a regular basis, we can ensure that all staff are up to date with fire procedures.

Any company worth its salt will want to know that its staff are well versed in fire safety and will be able to quickly and safely exit the building in case of fire.

What is a fire risk assessment?

Employers and self-employed people must carry out, or appoint a competent person to carry out a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment of the risks of fire to their employees and others who may be affected by their work or business. Those who employ five or more employees must keep a formal record of any significant findings and remedial measures which have, or may need to be, taken The competent person or fire risk assessor need not possess any specific academic qualifications but should:

  • understand the relevant fire safety legislation;
  • have appropriate education, training, knowledge and experience in the principles of fire safety;
  • have an understanding of fire development and the behaviour of people in fire;
  • understand the fire hazards, fire risks and relevant factors associated with occupants at special risk within the buildings of the type in question, and
  • have appropriate training and/or experience in carrying out fire risk assessment.




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